Immanuel Kant’s Anniversary
2024 will mark the 300th anniversary of the outstanding intellectual. To commemorate the milestone, Kaliningrad, the city of Kant, will host a grand celebration of philosophy, featuring a multitude of events dedicated to honoring his legacy.

Have the courage to use your own reason! Sapere aude!

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Kant was a member of the senate of the University of Königsberg
He gained recognition for his logical reasoning regarding the state of academia and the educational process, as well as his insights into teaching methodologies
Kant advocated for women's rights
Kant's teachings contributed to the abolition of serfdom in Prussia
Kant's first published academic paper was a failure
Kant fired a servant who had worked for him for 40 years
Did Kant consider suicide?
Kant got ahead through talent and sponsorship
Kant had a unique wellness routine
Is it true that Kant's library contained 9,000 books?
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