Immanuel Kant’s Anniversary
2024 will mark the 300th anniversary of the outstanding intellectual. To commemorate the milestone, Kaliningard, the city of Kant, will host a grand celebration of philosophy, featuring a multitude of events dedicated to honoring his legacy

Have the courage to use your own reason! Sapere aude!

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Interesting facts
There is a popular opinion that Kant never travelled outside Königsberg
Kant bought his own house at the end of his life 
The purchase took place on December 30, 1783
Kant studied French for a special reason
French was essential for any academic and educator
Kant avoided women. He never married.
Immanuel Kant's relatives live in Russia
One of his brother's descendants was involved in the construction of the Ural Heavy Machinery Building Plant
Did Kant consider suicide?
Kant's idea of duty is shattered in The Green Mile
Kant got ahead through talent and sponsorship
Did Kant condemn coffee drinkers?
Friedrich Nietzsche's views are influenced by Kant's ideas
The philosophical ideas of Immanuel Kant, especially his ethics and epistemology, fascinated Friedrich Nietzsche in his youth